Frankenstation is Alive!

DSC04977Our weather station in the Llanganuco Valley, Ancash, Peru went down in early December due to a slowly draining battery. It was concerning, especially considering that the station had never went down before prior to adding a new cloud monitoring sensor. It was anybody’s guess as to whether it would resurrect itself, continue logging data, or if it had simply died.

We suspected that the extra draw from the cloud sensor slowly reduced the voltage of the battery once rainy season clouds started moving in. The solar panel couldn’t provide enough energy to replenish the battery during the day due to cloudcover leading to a shut down of all satellite communications. Today, we received communication from the station and to our great relief, it was logging the whole time. Five months in the darkness actually did nothing but save us some money on our Iridium data plan!

Now Hiring Geography Lab Techs

Position: Geography Lab Tech

Pay: $11/hr

Schedule: Flexible; 4-10 hours per week

Some of the responsibilities may include:

  • Maintaining public outreach tools including this website and our Live Digital Map Display
  • Assisting with maintenance of campus weather stations, wind tunnel, and weather data server.
  • Keeping inventory of Geography Department supplies
  • Daily reporting for our CoCoRaHs rain gauge


  • Must currently be a BSU student
  • No prior experience is required, but applicants should be very comfortable with computers.
  • Science majors are preferred, but all are welcome to apply
  • Experience with HTML, WordPress, Windows OS, or scripting is a plus
  • Must have a good work ethic and be self motivated to innovate and learn new skills
  • An interest in geography and weather is a plus!

To Apply


Robert Hellström:


Jason Covert:

Any students interested in learning more about meteorology, atmospheric science, or climatology should take a look at our page For Students.

Intern with the National Weather Service – Applications Due Soon!

The National Weather Service, based out of Taunton, MA, is seeking student interns for the 2016 summer. Bridgewater State University students are encouraged to apply as there is funding available for the summer through the Dean’s office ($2000).

Please contact Dr. Hellstrom ( if you are interested in applying, applications are due March 1st.

See this link for more information: