Now Hiring Geography Lab Techs

Position: Geography Lab Tech

Pay: $11/hr

Schedule: Flexible; 4-10 hours per week

Some of the responsibilities may include:

  • Maintaining public outreach tools including this website and our Live Digital Map Display
  • Assisting with maintenance of campus weather stations, wind tunnel, and weather data server.
  • Keeping inventory of Geography Department supplies
  • Daily reporting for our CoCoRaHs rain gauge


  • Must currently be a BSU student
  • No prior experience is required, but applicants should be very comfortable with computers.
  • Science majors are preferred, but all are welcome to apply
  • Experience with HTML, WordPress, Windows OS, or scripting is a plus
  • Must have a good work ethic and be self motivated to innovate and learn new skills
  • An interest in geography and weather is a plus!

To Apply


Robert Hellström:


Jason Covert:

Any students interested in learning more about meteorology, atmospheric science, or climatology should take a look at our page For Students.