Data Access

Pro_WX_StationThe Geography Department operates weather stations on and off campus to collect a range of meteorological data for use by the BSU research community. For any data needs in the Bridgewater area following 4/30/2015, we recommend using BSU Research which is our most advanced weather station on the roof of the science building. We have 5 minute data available upon request.

Active Weather Stations

K-12 Schools 

Global Learning Charter Public School, The Jacobs Center for Education and Innovation (Operational 10-28-16 to 6-6-19, 5 minute data) 

Full dataset: available upon request

Samples By Month, click month below for *.csv Excel file:

Nov2016 Dec2016 Jan2017 Feb2017
Mar2017 Apr2017 May2017  Jun2017

Benjamin Friedman Middle School, Taunton HOBOLINK 

Benjamin Friedman Middle School Wunderground link

BSU Campus

BSU Research Weather – 15 min – Metadata

BSU Research Solar Radiation – 5 min – Metadata

BSU Science Center Roof – 15 min or Wunderground link – Metadata (This station is currently logging data but not connecting to the Internet, please contact site administrator or download BSU Research station above, located 10 feet from this station)

BSU Parking Lot Watershed – 15 min or Wunderground link

BSU Garden – 15 min or Wunderground link

BSU Garden Cam time lapse video =>   BSU Garden Cam link

Peruvian Andes

Llanganuco Valley, Peru (Plots) – 30 min – Metadata (note: this station may not transmit during rainy season due to low solar power, but it is still recording data, December through March approx.) Llanganuco Valley, Peru (Live data file) – 30 min – Metadata 

Cuchilla Cocha, Quilcayhuanca Valley, Peru (Plots) – 30 min – Metadata (station down as of 10/1/2016: update, to be fixed by June 30th 2017 OR taken off satellite transmission and downloaded annually) Cucilla Cocha, Quilcayhuanca Valley, Peru (Live data file) – 30 min – Metadata 

Archived Data

BSU Primary

Weather (Apr 2015 – Feb 2016) 

Solar Radiation (Apr 2015 – Feb 2016)

This data is for educational and research purposes only and should not be relied on for critical decision making. If you intend to utilize these data as part of a publication, please consult Rob Hellstrom at prior to use.