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4e848c7054c09.imageIf you are fascinated by weather and climate and have a passion for learning about the environment, you may consider a career in atmospheric science or climatology. Atmospheric science and climatology are challenging and rewarding fields of study that can present opportunities for a number of career paths. Bridgewater State University offers all the courses in science and mathematics needed to be accepted into most atmospheric science and meteorology graduate programs in the United States. In addition, through the Department of Geography, students are given opportunities through research, independent study, and student employment to gain hands on experience using the tools and techniques of atmospheric science. Among other things, our students have been involved in building and testing new weather sensors, numerical modelling using computer clusters, and even venturing to Peru to upgrade a state of the art weather network.

Recommended coursework

The following courses are recommended as a minimum for students planning to pursue graduate study in atmospheric science or climatology.

  • GEOG 121 – Physical Geography
  • GEOG 221 – Meteorology I
  • GEOG 222 – Climatology
  • GEOG 321 – Applied Meteorology
  • MATH 161/161E – Single Variable Calculus I
  • MATH 162 – Single Variable Calculus II
  • MATH 261 – Multivariable Calculus (strongly recommended)
  • MATH 316 – Differential Equations (strongly recommended)
  • PHYS 243 – General Physics I
  • PHYS 244 – General Physics II
  • COMP 151 – Computer Science I

Other courses to consider

Depending on your desired path, these courses may be very helpful.

  • GEOG 213 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS I)
  • GEOG 314- Satellite Image Processing Applications to the Environment
  • GEOG 413 – Applications in Geographic Information Systems (GIS II)
  • PHYS 401 – Modern Physics
  • PHYS 433 – Thermal Physics
  • PHYS 422 – Computer Simulation in Physical Science
  • CHEM 141 – Chemical Principles I
  • CHEM 142 – Chemical Principles II
  • COMP 152 – Computer Science II
  • MATH 200 – Statistical Methods I

What major at BSU should I choose?

Choosing a major depends on your interest in atmospheric science or climatology. You will need to take courses in all of these subjects to be successful.


Climatology, Mesonets, remote sensing (radar, satellite), synoptic meteorology, operational meteorology (forecasting), boundary layer meteorology

General Physics

Cloud physics, numerical modelling, mesoscale meteorology, radar meteorology, operational meteorology (forecasting), boundary layer meteorology


Numerical modelling

Mathematics – Statistics Concentration


Computer Science

Numerical modelling


Atmospheric chemistry, boundary layer meteorology


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