At BSU, students get the chance to gain hands on experiences working with the tools and techniques of atmospheric research. Listed below are some of the ongoing projects we have been working on. If you are a student interested in getting involved with these projects please contact

Climate Research in Perú

An ongoing, collaborative research project to enhance our understanding of how valley winds flow through tropical periglacial valleys.

Students involved: Jason Covert, Derik Ferris, Amy Higgins


Weather Sensor Development

Finding new ways to build, test, and perform research with quality low-cost weather instrumentation for applications in remote and vulnerable locations.

Students involved: Joseph Osborne, Jason Covert


Local Weather Station Network

Expanding a network of research-grade weather stations beyond the campus grounds.

Students involved: Jason Covert


BSU Science and Math Center Rooftop weather station

K-12 Schools Weather Station Network

Weather station set up on roof of Silver Lake Regional High School (next to Middle School) in Kingston, MA

Wind Tunnel Applications in Meteorology

Students from Brockton schools learn about airplane flight using the BSU Wind Tunnel: Spring 2019.
BSU Geography Major, Jason Covert leads Open Lab Night in 2014, several hundred students from regional K-12 schools discover how a wing creates lift, among other activities in the Science and Math Center at BSU.

Dropsonde test (SUNY Albany grade students) in the BSU Wind Tunnel: 2017

Diagram describing the hurricane dropsonde: National Center for Atmospheric Research

Testing Kites in the Wind Tunnel

Drag force (Newtons) on 3 foot-long kite streamers tested in the BSU Wind Tunnel. Note the turbulent behavior of the flat streamer and more steady drag from the fuzzy streamer. Conclusion is that fuzzy streamers provide less but more consistent drag force to stabilize the kite.
photo of flat streamer (baseline)
Flat kite tail showing eratic bending in wind tunnel creating the ups and downs of drag force
fuzzy streamer
Fuzzy tail is much more stead creating more even drag force

Climate Resilience and Farming

HOBO Weather station and CoCoRaHS gage at Soule Homestead Education Center, Middleborough MA
Weather station (with sonic anemometer) at Maribett Farm in Kingston, MA