Our Facilities

DSC05399Atmospheric Dynamics Lab (Wind Tunnel)

The Atmospheric Dynamics Lab houses the wind tunnel which is used for classroom demonstrations and research among the Physics, Aviation, and Geography Departments at BSU. Wind flows through the insulated tube from outside the science building with the help of a powerful electric motor which can simulate wind speeds up to 130 mph.


Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center

Built in 2012, the DMF Science and Mathematics Center houses the Geology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics departments at BSU. The L.E.E.D Certified facility contains the latest in undergraduate and graduate laboratories, multiple computer labs, a working observatory, modern classrooms, and of course, our wind tunnel.

Learn more about the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics here.


DSC05404Digital Map Display

If you are ever paying a visit to the DMF Science and Mathematics Center, check out our newest public outreach tool. The Digital Map Display shows live weather maps, announcements, space weather, National Weather Service alerts, and live weather data from our climate monitoring station. The display runs all day on the second floor of the science center near the elevators.



DSC05401One of two GIS labs on campus, our largest, shown to the right, provides 24-7 computing resources for 24 students working with Geographic Information Systems. The Geography Department currently runs ESRI ArcGIS Desktop as well as other open source GIS software on all machines.




Professional Climate Monitoring Station

Pro_WX_StationThe Geography Department at BSU maintains a full research grade Climate Monitoring Station atop the DMF Science and Mathematics Center. Data from this station are made available on this website and are stored as a record of climate for Bridgewater, MA. The station features a CR1000 datalogger, sonic anemometer, Young anemometer, and a 4-component net radiometer.